Customer Service Agents in a Contact Center

Empower your contact center agents to empathize with customers.

Words are so important to connect emotionally with customers.

We invest a lot in training, coaching, and QA so our customer service reps will know the right words to say in any situation.

But sometimes, in that critical moment with an emotional customer, they stumble.

Here’s how you can help them.

Picture of Empathy Statements guide
Free Empathy Guide based on Emotional Intelligence

This free guide contains 37 phrases that contact center agents can use to empathize with customers in any mood. Frustrated customers, disappointed customers, worried customers, embarrassed customers – they’re all covered.

It’s based on Emotional Intelligence so agents have ready-made empathy statements to provide better customer service—no matter what emotion the customer is feeling.

Share this guide with your team and they will learn:

  • What are Empathy Statements
  • The Six Basic Human Emotions
  • DOs and DON’Ts for showing empathy
  • 37 Empathy Statements Quick Reference Guide (PRINTABLE!)

You also get Universal Statements, words for Acknowledging a Mistake, and phrases for Taking the Customer’s side – without badmouthing the company or another team.

Encourage your agents to print out the Quick Reference Guide and hang it near their computer screens!

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