B2B Customer Experience

Reduce churn, boost upsells, and lower the cost to serve by transforming your customer experiences. Even in the stuffy world of B2B—where we all pretend to be emotionless corporate robots—your bottom line is linked to how your customers feel.

Ask me how improving the customer experience grew revenue $991k for a B2B SaaS company.

Customer Experience Consulting Services

B2B complexity requires a different approach to CX

A “customer” is not a company, an organization, or a logo—but all the human beings that interact with you. Each one of them has a story about your brand. Loyalty starts with listening.

Customer success is only part of the story

Customers must achieve the outcomes you promised—that’s the price of admission for their business. But if you want to unlock customer-centric growth, then manage their experiences on three dimensions: success, effort, and emotion.

Voice of the Customer

Don’t chase a vanity metric! Uncover deep insights that fuel customer-centric growth.

CX Transformation

CX strategy, execution, and change leadership to make the improvements stick.

Customer Journey Mapping

If your customer journey map isn’t driving change, it’s just an art project.

Keynote Speaking

Inspire your audience to put customers at the center of everything they do.

Dave Seaton, CCXP

I help B2B companies measure, manage, and improve customer experiences to deliver bankable business results.

Incredible experiences don’t happen by accident—they’re intentionally designed. When you understand customer needs and values, you can prioritize the experiences that matter most.

I’m proudest of a project where I flew 4,768 miles, drove hundreds more, and survived a high-speed Uber ride down Bourbon Street to collect Voice of Customer feedback for a B2B SaaS company. Using that insight, I transformed the customer support experience and made the company $991k in ARR from reduced churn.

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