Customer Journey Mapping

Partner with us to create compelling customer journey maps that engage your organization, reveal Moments of Truth, and spark customer-centric change.

“If your customer journey map isn’t driving change, it’s just an art project.”

– Dave Seaton, Founder & CEO

Our DARMA™ Journey Mapping Process


Clearly define the problem to solve or the opportunity to pursue.


Analyze the current state based on available data and develop the journey hypothesis.


Conduct qualitative and quantitative customer research to understand the customers’ experience.


Analyze the research findings and map the customer journey(s).


Identify and act on opportunities to improve the customer experience and business outcomes.

Already have a journey map?

Schedule a free Journey Map Review—we’ll walk through your map together, even if it’s not finished or perfect. We’ll review best practices, look at an example, and identify your next best action for improving your map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a sample of your customer journey maps?

Yes! We are happy to share our demo map and presentation so you can see an example of the finished product. Journey maps we have created for other clients are, of course, confidential. Should we work together, we would treat your maps with the same confidentiality.

Will I be able to modify or update the map in the future as we make improvements and the journey changes?

Yes. Unlike some other firms, we provide all source files for the maps so you can edit, update, and revise them as your customer experience changes. You paid for them—they’re yours.

Can you use my existing journey mapping software?

Yes. We are familiar with the major platforms and can work within them. While we believe a custom map, created by our graphic designer, is the most compelling visual to tell the customer’s story, we understand the operational reasons for working within a software tool. We can adapt to the constraints of your organization to provide the most effective journey maps.

Let’s Map your Customer Journey

Stop “flying blind” and discover the critical interactions where you can make the most impact. Cultivate customer empathy within your organization. Spark customer-centric change. Grow profitably by serving the needs of your customers.

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