How to Achieve Your 2023 CX Vision

apply visualization techniques to achieve your cx vision

It’s a new year, so that means planning CX goals.

Refill your coffee and grab a pen and paper (yes, a real pen and paper) because today we are going to do a visualization exercise. Visualization techniques are used by top performers in every field, from athletes to entrepreneurs. In this exercise we’ll identify your CX vision and the exact steps to make it reality.

I’ll wait while you get ready…

(And for those of you who think you’ll do this later, you won’t. It will darken your to-do list until late March, when you’ll sheepishly cross it off because Q1 is over and the moment is gone. So get your pen and paper and do it now. Your future self will thank you.)

Ok, at the top of the paper, write “Tuesday, January 2, 2024.” (Yes, 2024—not a typo.)

In 2024, New Year’s Day will be a Monday. You will likely return to work on Tuesday for the first day of a new year. On your paper, you will write what it feels like to be you on this day at the start of 2024. Visualize yourself reflecting back on a successful 2023.

  • What challenges did you overcome in 2023?
  • What projects did you complete?
  • Who is bought-in and taking action on CX initiatives?
  • What business results did you achieve?
  • (Most Important) How does it feel to be a successful CX Leader?

For example, your paragraph might look something like this:

CX finally has traction! The Customer Ranked Values project made a big splash with the c-suite, and they approved the purchase of an enterprise VOC platform, which we implemented in Q3. Stan stopped fighting to bury customer feedback, and now he reports his own sentiment metrics at the Monthly Business Review. Customer churn is down 66% for “dissatisfaction with service” and we’ve shown how improving customer experiences makes a financial impact for the business. I’m thriving in my role and excited about the work ahead.

Now, it’s your turn. Set the timer on your phone for two minutes and start writing.

(Jeopardy music playing…)

Now that you’ve visualized your success a year from now, identify three to five big milestones you need to hit by June 30, 2023 (a Friday) to get there. Is it a project you need to complete? A stakeholder relationship you need to manage? A business case you need to campaign for? Again, set your timer for two minutes and write these milestones down.

(Try not to be distracted by more annoying Jeopardy music…)

Looking at those milestones, roll back a little more. What do you need to accomplish in Q1? This month? This week? Write them down. Each slice gets smaller, with more detail. More clarity. Easier to achieve.

Finally, what is your next best action? What small thing can you accomplish today to build toward the vision of yourself in 2024? Is it a project plan you need to create? A phone call you need to make? A stakeholder analysis you’ve been putting off?

Write it down.

Then do it.

What’s the next best action after that? Do it tomorrow. Repeat.

The key to achieving your CX goals is not genius, or education, or certification, or enterprise software, or budgets, or buy-in.

It’s consistency.

CX leaders who succeed make daily incremental progress toward their vision. One. Action. After. Another.

Look back at your paragraph describing Tuesday, January 2, 2024. You can be that leader.

Start today.

When you encounter obstacles, adapt.

When you fail, learn.

Your plan may change as the year goes on—that’s perfectly ok because you will gain new information as you execute. Keep your focus on the long-term goal. Make daily incremental progress toward your vision and be the bold, brave CX leader you are.

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