Why You Should Brand Your 2023 CX Initiative

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What if your 2023 CX initiative came to life?

The Fairy Godmother of Thanksgiving sang Bippity-boppity-boo at your annual planning meeting and your corporate initiative developed consciousness.

It started thinking. It started talking.

And it wrote you a cover letter. (This is a little weird, I know—but hear me out!)

Your 2023 CX initiative would say this:


RE: Witty CX Initiative Needed Immediately to Rescue Us from Boringtown

Dear Frustrated CX Leader,

I’m responding to your posting for a clever CX initiative that “doesn’t make people fall asleep at their desks, engages busy cross-functional teams, and motivates Stan to show up for meetings with some infinitesimal hint of progress on his action items.”

I can help. Other corporate initiatives dress in snooze-worthy business-speak, but I always show up in costume. The employees never see it coming!

My creative branding formula for projects is:

Hobby/Interest + CX Goal = Memorable Initiative

Past work examples include:

? Tennis + Reduce Customer Churn = It’s Game, Set, Match for Churn

? Space Exploration + Voice of the Customer = The VoC Booster Rocket

✈️ Travel + Improve Customer Service = Service Transformation Airlines

Mix two things that don’t usually go together and you’re instantly interesting.

The Airline-themed project kick-off presentation described the project phases as flight stages—take-off, turbulence, cruising altitude, landing—and welcomed employees aboard with a performance of the flight attendant aircraft safety briefing. They talked about that speech for weeks!

My motto is: Never be boring.

“This is the day of dramatization. Merely stating a truth isn’t enough. The truth has to be made vivid, interesting, dramatic. You have to use showmanship. The movies do it. Television does it. And you will have to do it too if you want attention.”

Dale Carnegie wrote those words in “How to Win Friends and Influence People” in 1937. Eighty-five years later, and it’s still true. People want to be entertained—showmanship is everything in 2022.

Let’s work together to burn down Boringtown, wake up the desk-nappers, and watch Stan crush action items like he’s trying out for the olympics.

Go, Stan! We believe in you, buddy.

Thanks for your consideration,

Your Non-Boring CX Initiative

Hey, CX Leader!

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